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When I was around 8 or so, I visited my Grandpa Neal who lived in Jennings, Louisisna, USA. He had a large tree in the backyard. We called it a cherry-berry tree. To this day I do not know the actual kind of a tree, except it did have small green balls growing in clusters. Anyway, one day I took Grandpa's pocket knife and carved a slash in the tree. My object was to bury a penny. I think I wanted to see if the tree trunk would cover it in time. When I returned for the next visit I was disappointed to find the my penny gone and the slash still there. In time, it probably would have worked.

Several years ago a persons showed me a piece of wood he was about to burn in the fire place. He found IN the wood a nail. Obviously a nail had been driven into the limb when small, and in the course of time completely covered. I thought that was interesting.

But to top both of those stories is the one where an individual found a musket-bullet IN the heart of an old oak tree. Some said it was a trick, but when examined it was found to be very true. It was not a pretend trick. The musket bullet was without doubt IN the heart of the tree. So, one of the men so prompted went to the library to see the history of the land. (I am aiming for a point - remember that we are trees {according to the Bible} and we are land {made from earth}.) His discovery was that a battle had indeed been fought in that area years ago. At the time the tree was just a mere sapling. A bullet had struck the small tree. The tree grew - broadened in size and in form for 200 years and it grew over the bullet

So, the mystery was solved and easily explained. But what about the mystery not easily explained of "hits" that we receive from the world. Those "bullets from lips", those "bullets from physical actions", those "bullets from events" over which we have no control??

My friend, meet them with the same manner in which the history of the musket bullet was discovered. By that I mean if you can't explain today - LAY it up for the future....tomorrow. I believe you will then find in one of the "tomorrows" of your life the answer. As you grow in grace and light of the Lord, Jesus, the Christ, all WILL become plain. Trust me. No, trust the Word found in I Cor. 13:12

"...for now I now in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known."


Lord, it is so hard trying to understand why things happen to us. So, may this one lay their concern upon you with trust and with faith believing that all things will work out for the good to them that love the Lord. May your grace and your strength ease the pain from the wound and bring healing in the name of Jesus.


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