Words For Courageous Living

I want to share with you a story about myself that happened this week (April, 2006). I had not been on a bicycle in years and years. If I said it was like 35 years or so you probably would not believe me. BUT it is true.

So when I got on this bike to travel down a bike trail in the state of Missouri, USA I was, at first, sorta fearful. I did not want to show my "fear " to those friends with whom I was riding. BUT, after I "pushed off" I was amazed. Why? Because I had NO problem. Why did I not have a problem? Because it is true. Once one learns to ride a bicycle, they will ALWAYS KNOW HOW.

So, it is like....one never forgets how to keep the bike moving."When a thing is moving, it can't fall down."

Let me tell you a story about a missionary in Africa. It seems that a bicycle leaning against the wall became an object of interest to the native. So the missionary rode the bike around the yard of the mission. After it was over the native said, "Since it only has two wheels, how can it stand and not fall down?"

The missionary replied by saying, "When a thing is moving it can't fall down. I like that!!! Such a principle can be applied to a number of things. There are useful movements in churches, towns, organizations, etc that for a time promise good results, but "fall down" for one reason or another.

Wheels will not move of themself. If I can compare myself to a wheel - then my interest and enthusiasm must not lag. To keep on keeping on is easier said than done.

I think of a particular person right now who has "fallen". Now I do not mean literally so, but I mean in the sense of "giving up" Why? Well, there were problems that seemed to much to handle. The person got bogged down in situations and by giving all their energy and attention to them "STOPPED their pedaling". This is more than stopping to smell the flowers. It involves staying in a depressed or sad "mode". There is danger in this. When Peter was walking on the water all was fine, but when he stopped his movement...we read (Matt. 14:30)

"But when he saw the wind was boisteous, he was afraid and began to sink..."

He took his eyes off Jesus and put them on the elements around him. He stopped walking (pedaling) and started sinking (falling). Enough said!


Lord, I ask, in the name of Jesus, that this on-line reader, keep moving toward you in all that they do...at home...at the office...at play...everywhere 24/7 moving toward you. And, if they begin to sink, as did Peter, please reach down your hand and "save" them, just as you did to him...encourage them by your Holy Spirit to "keep on" "keeping on" pedaling, in the name of Jesus.


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