Words For Courageous Living

My wife, Nancy, and I recently bought a new lamp for our family room. The base is in a mauve color to match the blue and mauve decor in the room. We brought it home, put a new bulb in the socket and turned it on.

The lamp flickered a little, changed light intensities and then went off. So,we turned it off, got the receipt, put the lamb base back in the large plastic bag and waited for our next trip to the city where we had purchased the lamp. The time came. We went to the store - asked to return the lamp. "No problem" we were told. However, there appered a problem because there were no more like that in stock. "Would you take the one on display" we were asked. "Yep."

So the salesman begin to touch the light which was on display and it ALSO FLICKERED!!! I couldn't believe it. Then he stated, "Oh, this is a touch control lamp." We were totally surprised because no where in the paper work attached to the lamp we had purchased were those remarks. So, there it was. Touch it once and the lamp turns on; touch it twice and the lamp increases its intensity; touch it three times and WOW a bright. light.

As we left the store (with our original lamp) we though how dumb we were. Or were we? What we had all along was perfectly fine. We had placed it in a corner of our dining room and left it there - - thinking it was "bad" and "no use", when all along it was fine. If the lamp could have spoken it would have said, "Hey, guys, plug me in and touch me - I work!"

In the case of the lamp it had to have a human touch. In the case of our lives (as lights in the world) we have to have a Divine Touch. God can and will turn us on during a dark period of our life.

Are you in one now, my friend? Let the Master come and touch you. Like we read in Matthew 9:29,

"Then He touched their eyes saying, 'According to your faith let it be to you.'"

With eyes open, they could see. With the light on in our "experience" we can see. Ask God to shed light on your problems.

My prayer for you

The scripture reveals regarding a man named Saul, that he went home and valiant men went with him WHOSE HEART GOD HAD TOUCHED." I ask, God, now in the name of Jesus, that you touch this dear one and give them a great illumination.


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