Words For Courageous Living

I think Mount Blanc is the highest peak in Europe (e-mail me with correction, if necessary). A young doctor had made the journey to the top and the small town below flew a flag in his honor - - telling all of his victory.

But something terrible went wrong! He was decending the mountain and had reached a small hut he requested that he be "set free" from his guide. You see he wanted to be free of the rope and just insisted on going on alone.

The guide explained that it would not be safe. Yet the young doctor said that he was "tired of the rope tied around him" and wanted to be set free. Well, the guide had to do as he was told - and did so reluctantly. The young man had only gone a short distance when his foot slilpped on the ice. He could not stop himself from sliding down the icy path. You see the rope was gone (by his request and insistence) and the guide could not hold on to him.

He was found dead below. You see the bells had rung, the village below had celebrated, but in a fatal moment he refused to be guided. Let me repeate: HE REFUSED TO BE GUIDED.

So often we refuse the help that is found in the Bible. It is the Guide Book. I have found that when I adhered to its principles I found peace, happiness and success. When I "untie myself" from its methods I usually find disaster, disappointment, etc.

My hope is that through all of our cold experiences, we will be safe in the Lord's warm, loving hands. Lord, I want to listen to you, for my own good. I like the scripture that says (Joshua 22:5)

"...hold fast to Him..."

The context is "Be careful to keep the commandments...to walk in all His ways...to serve Him with all your heart and all your soul."

Instead of holding on to disappointments and obstacles let go of them and hold on TIGHT to Jesus.

May I pray for you?

It is a privilege, Lord, to lift up this one to you. While unknown to me, this one is certainly known of you. I ask, in the name of Jesus, that they be encouraged to hold fast to the principles of the Word, even if that means going against the flow of public (or friend) opinion. Thank you for holding on to them through faith in Jesus.


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