Words For Courageous Living

I used to pastor in the ssmall city of King, California. The high school there called King City High, still conducts Baccalaureate services. While many such services across the nation are disappearing, this town is to be commendeed in maintaining the event. Through the years I have been invited to speak. At the last one, I did. I said "This is a church service. (Baccalaureate is a sermon delivered to a graduatig class.) The auditorium takes on a cathedral." As I looked at the graduating class, I saw so much in theis faces. Things that they may themselves, perhaps, were not really aware.

Stay with me - for I am moving to you in cyberspace in a moment. These graduating seniors were about to be ushered into a new dimension of living. For most of them it WILL BE DIFFERENT. So, because of that "housed" under their cap and gown were fears, anxieties, apprehensions, doubts, fright - need I go on? The occasional tear reflected different hings to different faces.

Now, for you - wherever you are in this world you are - tomorrow is graduation day. I say that because, as we read in Scripture, "You have never passed this way before." In that light of a new day it is so important to put aside yesterday. I love the Word of God found in 1 Peter 5:7

"Let Him have all your worries and cares, for He is always thinking abput you and wathching everything that concerns you."

Isn't that great? Wow. I claim that for myself as well as for you.

Let's pray.

Lord, I ask that You give assurance to this one that You are already in "tomorrow." As they wake up to a new day, may it be a new beginning with you all the fulness of your grace and love. In the name of Jesus.


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