Words For Courageous Living

A fellow e-mails me "....we all need encouraging at times..." How true that is. Further - another word that is needed in this world is "SYMPATHY". I suppose that word slides right by most people.

For whatever your situation (be it in any degree) I want you to know that if I knew of you, I WOULD MAKE IT A SERIOUS MATTER OF PRAYER. I would be privileged to be prompt in sympathy. (I do encourage your e-mail prayer concerns, telling me how it really is.)

Someone said, "Sympathy is like the lightning; it is quick as thought; it waits not to make its selections; it is irrespective of considerations. If the stone on which I have set my foot proves to be loose, I catch hold of my companion's arm; and I do so without ceremony or thought. Or, if I see that my companion is in danger of a fall, I catch hold of his arm to save him - without thought."

Like an electrical shock - all will feel it who holds on the same wire. The same with musical vibrations - they will be felt. So, if people are aware of another's situation it gives great support. Like the fellow in prison who said, "Knowing that your sympathizing with me helps me to stay here more contentedly. I know that I have a brother out in the world."

The brother from Pakistan writes, "I am praying for you and your ministry." That is a word of encouragement to me. The bottom line is never be afraid or intimidated to let your requests be made known. As we give it to the Lord according to Heb. 4:15 you and I can become "agree-ers"

"For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are..."

My friend, let's hold hands!!

My prayer for you!

Lord, bless this on-line reader RIGHT NOW. Let them know that you are aware of their situation -regardless of the intensity - be it minor or major. You do care because you indeed know. I would like to care specifically, if it be made known. We are in the family of God.


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