Words For Courageous Living

I am sitting in my son Ken's beach house with my laptop overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is an awesome sight. Sky is blue - temperature just right - gentle breeze. The ocean always hold a great deal of fasination to me.

As I look over to my right I see the pier at Cayucos. Back in the late 1800s clipper ships would come and go with their cargo to this small port. I can almost see the Captains watching over their crew and ship in getting ready to sail. It is like, perhaps, their seeing the words in Psalm 107:23,24

"They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; these see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep."

The Bible refers also to the mighty sea in comparing to God. Certainly the oceans do show forth God's work. The sea captains do see the works of the Lord.

But what about you as in the sailing your life's boat. (The captain, of course, is Jesus.) Wind is important. The depth of the water is also important.

Let me quote a Cornish prayer; "O Lord, send us out to sea - out in the deep water. Here we are so close to the rocks that the first bit of breeze with the devil, we are all knocked to pieces. Lord, send us out to sea - out in the deep water, where we shall have room enough to get a glorious victory."

There are so many "rocks" in our life that threaten the safety of our life's ship. So, the winds of the Holy Spirit drive us out into deep territory. We need not fear the unknown. We need not fear not being able to see land. What we need to do is to see (with faith's eye) the wonders of the Lord in the deep.

My prayer for you, my friend

Open our eyes that we may see, Lord. When we can't touch bottom, we can touch you! Keep this one from harm and bless with a victory in the deep water. In the name of Jesus we pray.


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