Words For Courageous Living

I have heard people say, "Oh, I wish I was so and so. Everything is going so good." I usually say, if such is stated in my presence "You don't really KNOW everything the person is going through." It is so hard to be "content" when things are not going good. We all want change and sometimes make very foolish statements. At this point, I THANK GOD that our wishes/prayers are not answered.

Take for example the fish and the bird. They lived in the same room. One hot day there was overheard the fish complaining of his condition and envying the sweet song of his room companion said, "Oh, I wish I could sing as sweetly as my friend up there." At the same time the canary eyed the fish in the globe. "How cool it looks! I wish I could be there."

So, the master of the house hearing the desires placed the fish in the air and the bird in the water. IMMEDIATELY both saw the folly and repented of their wishes.

Of course the moral of the story is easier seen than practiced. We must believe, my friend, that the state you are in or the event that causes you distress is best fitted for you. David stated as recorded in Psalm 18:6,

"In my distress I called unto the Lord."

So I say, Lord, help me to be content and with your help get through it. If I start comparing I will always find someone BETTER and someone WORST than me. In my situation help me to become better and not bitter.

Let's pray

Life seems to throw me a curve, Lord. But in my quietness I realize that it is a "curve" to you. Bless this dear one to be at peace - through it all. In the name of Jesus.


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