Words For Courageous Living

There is a bridge some 30 miles north of my town which crosses the Salinas River. Not too long ago during the night (and after a rain storm) a section of the bridge dropped. Fortunantely it was discovered by a passing motorist and an emergency phone call was made.

Now, months later the repair is still in progress. One think that has delayed the project was the finding of some "junk" deep beneath the river bed. It seems that when the engineers were driving the piling down deep for the new construction they discovered large pieces of metal. In the course of time it was discovered that back in the l920s when the bridge was replaced evidently the builders just dropped the old one in the river. During time it sank deep and was never thought about sense. However, now, with modern technology it is not wise to leave such in the ground due to flow of current, etc.

I have been thinking about some of the "junk" that might be (no, IS) in my life. Such is not seen by anyone with whom I come in contact. But it is there nevertheless. And it does effect me.

It is much like junk, garbage and implements that are thrown overboard from ships. Things not used, so cast overboard, but brought to the surface by dredging machines.

Every life carries with it, some more, some less, a lot of worthless junk. I mention, superstitions - prejudices - scarecrows - skepticism - worries, etc. These all hinder our progress in one way or another. I need to sit down - get still - let God show me by His spirit the junk that I needlessly carry. (Most of the time one is not even aware of such.) Then I ask the Lord to make effective Psalm 51:10

"Create in me a clean heart Oh God."

In fact, after reading these lines - why not quiet yourself for a moment and do some inner house cleaning?

My prayer for you:

Lord, so often we just push down happenings instead of dealing with them at the time. They just sorta pile up and get buried Bless this one now to release a burden or something that they are holding on to. May they find the cleansing of freedom in the name of Jesus.


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