Words For Courageous Living

I learned to swim when around 7 or 8, I believe. That age has certainly been reduced now days with my grandchildren. I think they all have been in some kind of swimming lessons since age 2. Some even earlier. It sorta scares me to see one of their parents blowing on their face and then plunging them under water. Mind you they are tiny tots. But it works and all of my grandchildren know how swim - at least the older ones.

When I "taught myself" I thought I had to really fight the water...you know constantly putting forth effort to keep from sinking. (Incidently, my wife's dad, A.O. DuBois, told me he learned when his dad threw him in the water and said, "swim, son."

However, I know that an experienced swimmer would say to me as I was "fighting the water", "Stop fighting the water and trust it to hold you up. Use your strength to get somewhere." Well, that does make sense. So, I stretch out my body on the water - lay flat without moving my hands and feet and to my surprise the water does hold me up a little. So then I use my strength to forge ahead.

So many people, with whom I come in contact, are always constantly struggling through difficulties. Those difficulties might be MAJOR or minor. Still there is a struggle - that need not be. Isa. 25:9

"We trusted in Him and He saved us."

When the ship that Paul was on started to sink, the officer, Julius, said, "jump into the water and swim to land. The rest used wooden boards or pieces of the ship. And this is how all the people make it safely to land." My friend, in your troubled waters, grab hold of the old wooden cross and you WILL not sink.


Lord, I ask that you bless this dear friend. If, in fact, they feel the waters overflowing them may they "rest their body" on you and use their "faith strength" to hold on to your wooden cross provision. In the name of Jesus.


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