Words For Courageous Living

I have been making a number of visits to a jail. There are two individuals whom I know who are confined there. I recall that in one of my visits I made mention of John Bunyan. As many of you know, John Bunyan while in prison wrote the wonderful book, PILGRIM'S PROGRESS.

So, I have taken the liberty to write His word for My word today. (This regards perhaps your difficulty!) It goes like this:

"I beheld, then, that they all went on till they came to the foot of the hill DIFFICULTY, at the bottom of which was a spring. There were also in the same place two other ways besides that which came straight from the gate; one turned to the left hand, and the other to the right, at the bottom of the hill;"

"But the narrow way lay right up the hill, and the name of the going-up side of the hill is called DIFFICULTY. Christian now went to the spring, and drank thereof to refresh himself; and then he began to go up the hill, saying,"--

"The hill though high, I covet to ascend;....The difficulty will not me offend;.... For I perceive the say to life lies here;.....Come, pluck up, heart, let's neither faint nor fear.....Better, though difficulty, the right way to go,....Than wrong, through easy, where the end is woe."

This translates to me that I must be careful how I respond to a difficulty. The easy way might not be the best way. I need my mind open, or as Paul says in Phil. 2:5,

"Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus."

My prayer for you!

I ask, Lord, that this on-line reader be blessed through a possible difficult time. Things can always be better. May they respond to difficulty much like going through a fog - go straight through it and get the reward. May they, also, be encouraged by your Holy Spirit, not to take the easy way out just to get through it, but YOUR way. In the name of Jesus.


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