Words For Courageous Living

I have just received a telphone call from a very dear person. On the other end of the line I hear, "When will it ever change? This problem seems to get bigger and bigger. Just when I think things are looking up - wham! - here we go again."

Have you ever thought like that, or even actually said that? I am sure you have. In fact, right now, you may be in such a situation. Believe it or not yours truly is in such a ordeal as I type these lines.

To the person on the phone, to myself, to you, my dear reader let me encourage you with the FACT that God IS aware of the ordeal. So, strange that He does not change things with a word in His mouth. The word that He does say from His mouth is that "My son/daughter you are in a purifying process." While in the natural I may not like the words in Malachi 3:3, in the spirit I say, "Lord, I believe."

"He will SIT as a refiner and purifier of silver."

"Sit" is in (my) caps. Why? When a silversmith of years ago was asked why he sits during the operation his reply was. "I must keep my eye steadily on the furnace, lest the silver become injured by the intense heat." He also said that he knew the process was perfect when he saw his own face in the metal. That molten silver continues in the state of agitation until all impurity is thrown off and then it becomes quite still.

While we may not (no, change that to do not) like what we are going through it is the relationship with the Lord that keeps us on focus. Let's admit it - there are impurities in our life. Let's also thank the Lord that He loves us enough to change us into the image of his dear Son. So with that I CAN face an agitation with patience and faith.

My prayer for you

Lord, only you know the furnace that this one is in. May they KNOW that as you were with the 3 Hebrew youths in the literal firey furnace, so you are with this one. You will bring this reader out to victory...in Your time.


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