Words For Courageous Living


I'm glad you are reading this page. It takes time, but if we give God the time of our day, we are blessed. The key is to be still and still be still.

The best illustration of this is the following story. It seems that while working in an ice plant, a man lost his watch. To him it was a very valuable possession. He and his friend looked for it for a long time in the sawdust floor - like several hours, but finally just gave up and went to lunch.

When they returned they found a little boy (who had heard of the lost) holding the watch. "How in the world did you find my watch?" the man asked. The reply: "Well, mister, I just laid down in the sawdust floor and moved around until I heard it ticking."

I suppose the truth in this is that if we want to "find God" (certainly not, like, He is hiding) we have to be still. I think, too often, people try to find God in the moving around, amid noise, with talking and talking. The secret is in Psalm 46:10

"Be still and KNOW that I am God."

I must quickly add, that is not easy. One of the hardest things for most people to do is just be still. In fact, sometimes when I am still I think I am still going. Oh, to just quiet our self before Almighty God. Present to Him our frustrations, our cares and concerns...that is cool.

Let's pray

Lord, bless this one to be motivated to do as we have spoken...be still...and KNOW of your abiding presence. That is so comforting and it in itself will release much of the pressures of our fast pace living.


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