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I read years ago that, I think it was the U.S. Public Health Dept. that stated something about no squirrel ever died over anxiety that not enough food was in storage and no fox ever got upset that they had only one hole to go into, and something like, dogs never lose sleep over not having enough bones put aside for the golden years, ha.

The comparison is obvious - while we don't know what animals do, I know for a fact what humans do. They are incline to worry and fret. There are some who really have it bad in this department. A business man once came to my office. In the course of conversation it was apparent that he was a "worrier". My suggestion (which certainly is not original) was to draw up a WORRY CHART. What? So I explained about the columns, entries, etc. This he did and the result was as high percent dealt with things that were so vague that they were in the realm of "never happening"; others dealt with his finances, his health, his associates. The bottom line? There were very few items that would be regarded as "legal" to be concerned about. Most of the items he no control over. His decision? TRUST GOD.

If you would take a few minutes after finishing reading and reflect about your personal situation, I think you will find the same as did that gentleman.

From personal experience - I want to say to you that it is not easy to "lay aside" the situations that are pressing against you, but it can be done. Then there is that fact that worry is a sin. (oh me) That is why Jesus said (Matt. 6:34)

"Don't worry and be anxious about tomorrow."

May I pray for you?

Lord, I ask in the name of Jesus that if this reader is up tight over a past, present or future situation, that they release that to you. May they give that "burden" to you and LEAVE IT THERE, trusting and believing that You are in control of their life.


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