Words For Courageous Living


Many years ago, When my wife, Nancy and I were visiting our son Darrin and his wife we were told that they had a surprise for us. We went to the front yard and their son, Codie was getting on his bike. Now, Codie was then only 3 1/2. The surprise was that the training wheels had been taken off by his request. Wow. We watched as he climbed on, was given a push and off he went. His daddy was in front of him cheering him on and saying, "keep peddling, son".

Well, he did keep his balance most of the time. What he learned was what all of our 5 children learned through the years and what, no doubt, you also learned as a child....that being you must keep MOVING. Isn't that the secret of bike riding? When one stops peddling, bike slows down and then ground, here I come.

That, my friend, is also the lesson in life. If one stops "peddling" and just gives up, then, "ground, here we come." So, throughout all difficulties, Paul reminds us (Phil. 3:14)

"I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus."

We have got to keep moving toward Jesus...that is toward truth, the way, and the life, not standing still. That is the secret of life-riding... keep peddling with Jesus.

Let's pray

Lord, we thank you that you are ever with us in our life ride. May the faith of this one be such that real balance will be had. Faith and works. Faith in Jesus and works of keeping on.


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