Words For Courageous Living


It would sure be nice if we knew when trouble was coming, huh? Like recenly when we drove over to the coast to visit our children, we discovered some road signs. One said, "falling rocks"; another "flagman ahead"; still another, "caution". Wouldn't that be great on life's highway? Well, problem is life is not like that. We just have to take what comes and when it comes as well. But, the important thing is to use what comes to our advantage. Now, those are easy words to type, but difficult, and I must say, most difficult words to live by.

The way we react or respond to the troubles is so important. You take that oyster. Most of you reading these lines know that when that tiny grain of sand makes it way into the shell, something begins to happen. It is a great illustration. That oyster might say, "Oh, me, a grain of sand has entered my home. This is the end of smooth living." What happens, I am told, is that slowly it builds upon the grain of sand layer on layer of some kind of a milky substance. That covers the sharp corners of the tiny grain of sand. Then, in the course of time a beautiful pearl has developed. Wow.

I like the scripture in 2 Cor. 4:17

"For our...momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outm weights them all."

May the Lord bless you, my friend through your unforeseen troubles ahead.


Our Father, we recognize that you are in the future of this friend. We acknowledge your awareness of what is ahead, so we ask that when this one gets there - in a troublesome situation - that you guide, protect and comfort - yes, even sooth that grain of sand.


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