Words For Courageous Living


I think that life is full of mistakes. Right? You know, one does not really want to make those mistakes, but they just happen. When they happen our reaction to them is really important. I also know that good does come from some mistakes. Case in point. We washed a small bathroom throw rug in the washing machine. I was not careful as to what else was in the machine and when the rug was removed it was full of white lint that had come off of a towel.

Either Nancy or I took it out of the back door and shook it really hard - trying to remove the lint. I think, now, it was me, for I recall shaking it over and over to get the throw rug free of the little pieces of white - whatever.

The episode was annoying, time consuming and frustrating. But - (this is the good part) - later when I went out doors to clean up the mess, there was not much mess left. What? I looked up and saw a bird carrying some of "my mistake" away. Where? to a nest where a family will be raised.

Don't be discouraged or take it out on yourself when mistakes are made. Good can come from them. The song says, "Something beautiful will come about" The Word says (Phil. 1:6)

"He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion."

My prayer for you

I ask, Lord, that this one give to you the mistakes made in their life. Commit them to you and don't look back at them. May they keep on keeping on and when falling, reach out to you for help and uplift. In Jesus' name.


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