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The other day in driving across town I noticed an old fashioned hand pump in the front yard. Obviously it was not in working order, but had just been placed in the flower bed for decorations. I do recall when just a boy my parents were visiting some friends in the country. We walked over to a pump. I had never used one before so I was excited to begin pumping. In pushed the handle down and pulled it up - but to no avail. Then the owner came over and said, "Neal, you have to use this little tin cup. Pour some water in it from the jar of water at the base of the pump. Then pour it in the top of the pump. This is called 'priming the pump'." I did.

I was told that sometimes when the pump is used often it takes only l pump and there is water. Sometimes, if left awhile without being used, it takes a lot of "pumps" and eventually water comes. Then there is the worst case, where the pump has to be primed.

So, today, I think of my relationship with the Heavenly Father via prayer. If I am constant in prayer - the little things that easily upset me - can awaken me to pray.

"I will give myself to prayer." (Psa. 109:4)

It is easy to pray about everything and to "pray without ceasing" when our spiritual pump is primed.

My word of encourgement to you at this time is keep connected to God - in season and out. By that I mean if things are going pretty good for you now, keep in prayer. If things are getting out of hand now, keep in prayer. Then when the BIGGIE comes in your life - that circumstance is only a prayer away.

Let's pray

Lord, quicken this one to be one of prayer - all the time. To give you praise for the good and prayers for the bad. In all things may this wonderful tool of prayer be used by this one, in the name of Jesus.


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