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Sometimes I need the assurance that God is really on my side and is protecting me through a difficult situation. I am encouraged when I read in the scripture (Psalm 46:1)

"God is our refuge and strength a very PRESENT help in trouble."

I have read 2 stories about a spider weaving a web on the mouth of cave, thus protecting those inside. One story is the legend of baby Jesus when His parents were enroute to Egypt. They were sleeping in a cave when soldiers approached. One was about to enter when he noticed a spider web on the entrance. He said, "No use checking in here. No one has been here for a long time."

The other story concerns one, Felix of Uola. He was running away from those trying to persecute him because he was a Christian. He hid in a cave and a spider spon its web across the entrance. The comment he made has gone down in history, "With God a spider's web is as an army. Without God, an army is but as a spider's web."

Bottom line is God has put protection around you and me many times even without our knowing it. It is like an invisible spider's web. So, when you feel that you are alone and if you are in trouble, remember that God is by your side. God is quite able to use anyone or anything, big or small to accomplish His purpose for you. What was the scripture above? "God is our refuge" My friend, God is YOUR REFUGE. Praise the Lord.

My prayer for you

Lord, thank you for using whatever you choose to protect this one. May they take refuge in you and in your strength. Your love for this one is STRONG. May they take safety in that fact.


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