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A few years ago I flew to Jackson, Mississippi to visit my sister and her husband, Dorothy and Bill Paul. On the trip from California to Mississippi there were times when I could view various rivers. Especially in Louisiana, where I grew up in Shreverport, I noticed how one particular river just twisted and turned in different directions.

Of course that is not so evident on ground level, but from the air it spoke to me along these lines. The river winding here and there took on the characteristics of a snake. I am told that the reason rivers initially twist and turn is due to resistance! The stream gradually wears the channel deeper in which it runs and then it - well, it becomes accustom to the course.

Some of you are picking up on what I am about to say. Our lives are like that. One sometimes follows the way of least resistance. Some change to blend into the group of their peers. The mind and heart grows comfortable in the "habit" of flow.

For one flowing in a negative attitude it is easy to STAY in that channel. While it is hard, it is possible to shift and dig a new course. In flying over some of the canals in California I see that they are real straight. How did they get straight? By an engineered digging and through "work" make a straight path. So it does take work, my friend, but after it is over one can feel good about no more twisting and turning.

Heb. 12:13, "Make straight paths for your feet."

So, when in motion, do not listen to those on the left, or those on the right, but to God and His direction.

My prayer for you

Lord, may this one pay the "digging" price for a straight path that will lead to righteousness. May they keep their eyes straight ahead on you, the author and finisher of their faith. May they have courage to get out of the rut of a particular habit and break free in you.


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