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To ask the average person on the street for a Bible verse, one would probably hear, "The Lord is my shepherd". Those words from the pen of David recorded in Psalm 23 mean a lot to me. Isn't it great to know that THE LORD is your shepherd.

I read once that a shepherd in tending his sheep must be constantly aware of harm. I am told that on some occasion sheep are troubled by flies. It seems that they bother the head - especially the area of the nose. This can really be annoying. (In fact, believe it or not, as I type these words on my laptop computer in my RV near a lake, I am being bothered by flies. There are several that are just landing on my feet, legs and hands - yes, even my face.)

I just got up and sprayed myself with some OFF. It seems to be working a little. Back to the shepherds, I am told that they often put oil on the head of the sheep. Believe it or not, there is a change. The pesty flies are less in number and the sheep can become content. All because of the anointing with oil.

May I can spiritualize a little on "my flies"? I refer to those pesty situations that come into my life when I am grazing with content in my life. All of a sudden, out of the blue, here comes a fly. God wants me to let Him handle it. How?? The Lord is my shepherd - I shall not want...It goes on to say, "He anoints me with oil"... When I - or lets shift to "you", when you are beset with difficulties and worries that attack you like flies, it is so important to get coverage by God. He says, "Bring your flies (burdens) to me and I will give you rest." It is not easy, but it is possible, to give (and leave) your annoying worries to God.

Let's pray

Lord, I ask, in the name of Jesus that whatever the "fly" is on this dear one, that they will accept your anointing of oil for relief. Truly not only are you their shepherd, but you are the good shepherd. Praise the Lord.


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