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The other day I got a handkerchief out of a drawer, was going to fold it when I noticed a crease in several places. All I had to do was to just toss it together and it "fell" where I wanted it to. That reminds me of someone who once wrote that our brain is like a dense forest. Our thoughts are like woodsmen who blaze a trail. When one has gone through it makes it easier for the next one to follow.

I have found that true in hacking through under brush. When you fold a piece of paper and spread it out, you will find that it is easier to fold it again in the same crease - more so than any other direction.

Back to the illustration of the woodsmen. Much like them is a thought. Once the thought has passed through our mind, it is easier for the same kind of thought to come. What this equates to is "habit".

What are your habits that are not really good?? I think of people who are not positive in their thinking. I think of people who are always worrying. I think of people who are always dwelling on what is so "bad" with them. What I declare is that that is a trail in their mind. It is so easy to continue.

I encourage you to crease in your mind Phil. 2:5

"Let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus.

Create the crease of cheerfulness and of faith in God. You will find you feel better and are thinking has become healthy.

May I pray for you?

Lord, I ask that this one cleanse their mind of the negative thoughts and their problems. That you help them to remove unwholesome thoughts and the "bad" in their life and think on you and your goodness, in Jesus' name.


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