Words For Courageous Living

My uncle Howard was in WW2. He was a radio operator on a B-52. During combact the aircraft was hit and the orders were to bail. After he and another did so, it seems that whatever was wrong was under control and the command was reversed. But to late for Howard. He had parachuting down. He was soon captured and taken to a prison camp.

I recall my folks receiving letters from him through the American Red Cross. When we received them they had been reduced in- size (photo copied) and some of the remarks had been scratched out so they were not readable.

I recall some of the stories that did get out, but the one that meets my need for this piece of cyberturf has to do with the food. There was not much of it and many were sick, I assumed some died. Perhaps not at the camp where my uncle was, but at least I know that there were camps where the living conditions were not great. Lack of food, water, not having the medical care that was necessary led to illness and death for many. Men in such conditions were really up against it.

I recall a story that came out of one of the prison camps that had to do with a pigeon. Seems that one of the prisoners found the bird - it had a broken wing. Of course the first impulse was to kill it. In this partiular camp I recall many were dying...we're talking like, 100 a month during a period of time. Instead a splint was made for the bird - the men took turns caring for the bird (even feeding it from their portions) What happen is the bottom line for you on-line.

The death rate dropped greatly. Why?? Because the men had a new direction. Call it focus! They switched from themselves to another - in this case a bird.

That's pretty cool, huh? You may be in fear over something. But, may I remind you, dear friend, that (I John 4:18)

"There is no fear in love: perfect love casts out fear."

Let's pray

I ask Father, in the name of Jesus, that this one shift their attention (even their fretting and their care) from themself. Remind them that as they focus on the Lord and even on the needs of others, their condition will also change, like those soldiers. Yes, things could be a lot better, but they could also be a lot worse. May they shift their focus in Jesus' name.


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