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Remember the last time you saw the ocean. Was it a picture in a book? Was it on the movie screen? Was it a video you took? Or was it in the "real"?

Of course, we live in a little sea coast town now and see God's ocean every day. But I recall one time years ago when we saw the ocean for the first time in a long time. My wife, Nancy, and I were parked with our RV at one of our favorite spots. The place is a really cool place, however, one can not spend the night there. So there we were. The RV parked parallel to the ocean. We were sitting on the lawn chairs with our feet dug in the sand...listening to the roar of the ocean. Nancy remarked how powerful the ocean was. Wow, indeed, that is certainly true. In fact, the Word declares: (Psalm 93:4)

"The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yes, than the mighty waves of the sea."

In fact, so powerful is the ocean waves that recently two of the support poles on the pier here in Cayucos were broken off. What a sight to see those two gigantic piles being thrown on the shore.

God is so powerful. His love is so powerful. What makes this even so awesome is that it is that to me...and you. You see, God is concerned and aware of you, my friend. That's right. Just as there were a million grains of sand around our feet that day - certainly not discernible to us, we ARE discernible to God. That sort of blows my mind.

You are important. You must not feel insignificant. As the waves come and go bringing new things to the beach, let God's love return and return to you bringing fresh blessings of love. Yes, even through a difficult situation.

My prayer for you

Lord, I ask, in the name of Jesus, that this one sense a surging of your grace upon them. May they feel the "son-shine" in their heart and feel the gentle breeze of the spirit upon their life.


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