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A number of years ago Nancy, my wife, and I drove over to the high desert in central California, USA. Our goal was to visit a gentleman who had a desert tortoise. My son, Ken and his wife Maureen who live in Cayucos, Ca., had a registered one and we thought this would be a unique birthday present for our son.

Our objective was had and we returned almost as "proud parents" of the tortoise. But I also returned with the words of a sign impressed upon my memory.

As we were coming down the mountain range that separates that part of our state of California there was this sign. "RUNAWAY TRUCKS" with a ramp approaching. What it was (and I had never seen this before) was for those trucks that would experience brake failure there was a special ramp for them. I kept looking for it to "see what I had never seen" before and sure enough soon it was visible. The ramp was there. After it continued for a little way the elevation increased and continued to increase until such a runaway truck could come to a natural stop.

I have seen "runaway people" who were rushing headlong into life. (Making a living instead of making a life.) They needed a ramp to exit for safety. If not they would soon crash. Like the truck that could crash and spill all its cargo, so people have been known to "crash" and spill their life. But Jesus said, "I'll give you rest" and in Psalm 37:7 the word is:

"Rest in the Lord, wait patiently upon Him."

If life for you is like a runaway truck or train, please exit to Him. Just run yourself into his arms of safety. My, what peace and rest He has for you, my friend!

Let's pray

Lord, I thank you that you have given all mankind (those who will truly accept) a brake check ramp - we can escape the rush and exit the ramp to safety. I ask that this dear one take time - even through a difficult situation through which they are going to pause and take refuge in you.


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