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Last week Nancy, my wife, and I were driving north on Hwy 101 to Salinas, California. We approached an area where we knew construction was in progress. A concrete bridge had suffered some severe cracks and the fissures had done major damage. So much was the problem that the bridge was being demolished so make way for the new.

As we drove by and looked over at the construction I immediately recalled a story. The story which I shared with Nancy at that time, I want to share with you.

Sometimes situations in our life thrust us into a state where we feel the props are being taken away from us and we are...well, just falling with no secure "thing" to hold on to. A young boy was walking with his dad one day and they, also like we, approached a bridge being built. Only in their situation it was complete and now they were - yes, knocking the props away from the bridge. The son asked, "What in the world are they doing? Something does not seem right." Well, the dad replied, "It is ok, because, son, now the new bridge can rest really tight or firmly upon the piers which are now finished."

I think, my friend, that God sometimes has allowed my props to be taken away so I can rest more firmly on HIM.

In going over the by pass that day I reflected through some of my present difficulties. I want to really know and faith that as some of the earthly things are taken away, I can rest firmly on Him.

Matthew put it this way (11:28)

"Come unto me and I will give you REST."

I want to encourage you to lead not on your own understanding, and lean firmly on His everlasting arms. OK?


I ask, Lord, that if in the life of this one, something has been taken away, may the removing of that "prop" in their life cause them to really press themselves closely to you and and your heart. Thank you for being that rock upon which we can rest. In the name of Jesus.


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