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A lady returning from Rome for a vacation brought me two cups. But I could only use one. Why? Because one was presented to me in a "million pieces" within the plastic bag. The comment was made, "Oh I am so sorry Neal, this was such a special one from Rome, Italy." Well, naturally I said (what anyone would) "Oh, that's OK." Well, down deep I said to myself, "My, that is just too bad."

But then after the person left, I thought, well, so what it was only a cup. You know, life is not going to come to an end. I decided that I would take time and assemble the pieces, much like I would a puzzle. So, I started the process. I must admit it was time consuming. It was even harder to glud each piece because of the round features of the cup. BUT I did succeed. No, it could not be used, but yes the lesson was - well it is only a cup. Don't get uptight.

When there are things that happen in my life - like the "breaking" of a plan; or the "breaking" of some goal not reached or - well, you name it I say to myself, "well, it is only a cup" And, believe it or not, such an attitude not only helps me but it speaks loud to those near me who are aware of the "breaking"

The scripture which will never be broken is (Prov. 3:5):

Commit your way to the Lord; trust also in Him."

What are your disappointments now. What are those things that are falling apart. Talk to God about them. If He does not restore, He will give you grace.

My prayer for you

It is truly a pleasure, Lord, to go to you when things fall apart. For this one who reading this page, I ask, in the name of Jesus, that they be given a double portion of grace and mercy. In Jesus' name


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