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One day I was walking down the street and I noticed the mail man approaching on the sidewalk. As he came closer I said "hi", he replied and then I noticed that he was stopping. I was still in the "hi" walking mode, but he had shifted to "stop" So I, likewise stopped and he said he had a story for me.

Seems that last week he had delivered a letter to a mutual friend's house. What was so unique about that? The letter had a postmark of 1962. It was just now being delivered. In the mean time the party had moved, but in stopping by the house he got an address.

1962, my, that was a lot of years ago. What happened was written on the envelope. The letter had gotten wedged between a shelf and the wall. In the remolding of the Post Office it had been discovered.

I, also, remember reading that a letter had been delivered to a hospital for a particular room number. That room number was no longer in use. While some were puzzled about it, they noticed that the cancellation date was 17 years earler. So, the mail did go through. The records showed that she was a patient, but where she was now could not be determined.

Bottom line for me. COMMUNICATIOIN WITH ALMIGHTY GOD IS NEVER LATE. The phrase "distance spanned" is like the sending of this message around the world in milli-seconds. Whether it is across the street from my office or across the state of California or around the world in China or Jordan, within a split second it is had. Well, what a friend we have in Jesus to listen to us ALL and respond to our communication. There is no delay. There is no chance of our message to God getting lost. Isn't that wonderful?? David said it this way (Psalm 46:)

"God is...a very PRESENT help in trouble."...for you, NOW

Let's pray

Lord, I thank you that you see this one and you know this one and you are listening to this prayer being read by this one. May they bring all their concerns, heartaches, difficult situations, burdens to you...spelling them out as if writing a letter. Thank you for "reading" them all, and doing something about them all. In Jesus' name.


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