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birdI Endurebird

I endure for the sake of the elect (God's chosen), that they too may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory. - 2 Timothy 2:10.

If Job only knew, as he sat in the ashes, troubling his heart over the thought of God's providence, that many would read of his circumstances and be helped; he might have taken courage.

Not a one of us lives to ourselves. Job's story is like yours and mine. It is being written in our lives for all to see and hear about. These kind of days are the most significant we are called upon to live.

Our struggles, difficulties are to teach us the deepest things in life. Blessed are they who mourn.(Matt 5:4) Only as we experience sorrow can we appreciate the great tenderness of the "man of sorrows". (Isaiah 53:3)


What an amazing God we serve. How miraculous are His ways!!! Not only are our lives being enriched by the trials, God is using us to touch other people's lives as well. It is not about us----------

It's all about Him and His glory! He's the potter; we're the clay - molding and making us after His will. - waiting, yielded, obedient and still.

Miracles are happening! Open our eyes to see, Lord!!!!!!

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