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birdSimplicity And Trust Of A Childbird

In simplicity and trust I have called you. Think about that. As a little child comes to her mother with everything that concerns her, that is the way I have called you. I will be there for you always. Wait on Me. I will be there for you always-word by word, step-by-step, moment-by-moment. I will not fail you. I have the answers for everything.

How simple these words are to you. This is what I have called you to be in Me. I am just a word away. Call my Name. Walk with Me. Talk with Me. Ask of Me., I will be there and I will answer.

Be that simple trusting child who is obedient and trusting of her Father whom she knows loves her and desires the best for her. If my children would learn the lesson of simplicity how much easier and victorious their lives would be.

Ask me to grace you in this as you choose to come. Visualize yourself placing your hand in Mine as that trusting child and see what I will do, what I will accomplish in and through you!

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