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Experience has taught us there is nothing in which we fall so short as simple and absolute trust in God to fulfill, literally to us, all that He has promised. Yet, to have a life of His Abiding Presence requires an unceasing faith.

The marks of true faith:

  1. Counts on God to fulfill all He has promised.
  2. Claims every promise - not content with just some.
  3. Sensing one's own nothingness -trusts God to work His wonders in the heart in which He dwells.
  4. Faith yields itself to the promise that God will take full possession and, all through the day and night, inspire its hope and expectation.
  5. Faith recognizes the inseparable link that unites God's promises and commands, and yields itself to do the one as fully as it trusts the other.

In pursuit of the power, which such a life of faith can give, there is also a faith that seeks and strives but cannot grasp. It is followed by a faith that begins to see that waiting on God is needed and it quietly rest in the hope of what God will do.

That soul takes God at His WORD, claims the fulfillment of the promises, looking to Him (even in darkness) to fulfill the promises - a life of faith to which the Abiding Presence will be greeted.

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