Nancy's Notes 

birdI Know You Love Mebird

I know you love Me, My beloved. Because you do, I am calling you to trust me, knowing that I am working to fulfill all heart's desires.

The two are one and I see you walking as such with the power, might and glory of My Presence in your lives. You both will know a freedom never before experienced by you and people will notice it as well.

I am preparing my army to go forward in the power and strength of My Spirit with no hindrances standing in the way. Just as was spoken to you yesterday - I am cleaning house - heart houses of my children. I am in the process of exposing and removing all hindrances never to return again.

I am in control of all things, everything in the lives of my children regardless of how it looks. Hold on to me. Rejoice in me. Let praises ring in your heart house as well as your home. Praise! Praise! Praise! It is the weapon of victory (against the enemy)! Let go and rejoice in who I am and what I am in your life. I am your strength, refuge, hope and victorious, overcoming King. Nothing is impossible with me. I say NOTHING. Believe for the impossible. Live expectantly of seeing everything, standing in the way of my glory, being removed! These are VICTORIOUS DAYS that are before you.

During the days of your fasting, expect to see answers - expect to see My Hand move in behalf of those you love. Expect! Expect! Expect! My mercy endures forever!!!

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