Words For Courageous Living

Have you ever had to "give up" something? Has something been taken away from you recently,. or in the past? During such times our mind does run a hundred miles an hour in trying to understand and adjust. The following example, can put what you have lost in a proper perspective.

I preface it with illustrations from my parenting. For example, one of my children as a toddler might be reaching for an electrical cord or playing with a sharp object. Immediately, I will take it from them BECAUSE I know better.

I heard long ago of a father who went into the living room and noticed his daughter playing with some beautiful beads. She was as happy as could be. When asked where she got them she repliled that someone had given them to her. She ran over to him to show the box of beautiful beads. The father said, "Yes, they are very pretty, but, honey, I want you to throw them into the fire right now!! The little girl looked for a moment at them - she was really in a delima.

"I will not make you do it. I will leave it to you, but you have never known your father to ask you to do a thing that was not kind to you. I will not tell you why, but if you can trust me, please do it." Well it did cost a great effort, but the daughter took the box and threw it into the fire. The father said no more.

BUT THE NEXT DAY when he came home from work he presented her with something even more beautiful and something that she had always wanted. Here is what he said. "Honey, I did that to teach you to trust in the Heavenly Father. There will be times in your life He will require you to give up and to avoid what you cannot see the reason for avoiding. But if you can trust the Heavenly Father, as you have trusted me, you will always find it best."

I think what he did was to sorta like "train her faith".

I have found it ever so true, my friend, that if the Lord requires me to give something up or closes a door to a particular situation, HE WILL give something better or make a new door open. The scripture is Psa. 56:3,


David also said that they that TRUST in the Lord shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abides forever. The song is "Trust and Obey" I like the part that says, "Trust and obey, for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus, than to trust and obey."

If you are in a lost - or if you are in a discouraging situation - - watch for the blessing as you trust your Heavenly Father!!


Lord, I ask that this one renew their faith in you over the present series of circumstances. What was taken in battle you will restore according to your promise. Please bless and grace this one, in the name of Jesus.


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