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January 18th

Use the Transfer!

When my children were young my wife Nancy and I talked to them about taking a train trip. It Seems that the passenger train has taken a backseat in the last years. That is due to the fact that we all want to get there really fast.

It was actually then that I ran across these lines. They are really great. I am not much on poems, but here goes. (Don't know the author,) It is about GETTING A TRANSFER:

If you are on the gloom line,
Get a transfer.
If you're inclined to fret and pine,
Get a transfer.
Get off the track of doubt and gloom;
Get on the Sunshine train, there's room -
Get a transfer.

If you're on the worry train,
Get a transfer,
You must not stay there and complain,
Get a transfer.
The cheerful cars are passing through,
And there's lots of room for you -
Get a transfer.

If you are on the grouchy track,
Get a transfer,
Get a happy special back -
Get a transfer,
Jump on the train and pull the rope
That lands you at the station Hope -
Get a transfer.

Well, it is easy to get gloomy, worried and grouchy, huh. We have all had such experiences. Yes, some are more intense than others. And, yes, some are just about impossible (according to man) to jump track. Let's not stay there. That is the whole point. Shift gears as I told someone yesterday. Hard, yes!

I speak from experience. I have found that it is literally an "act of my will". In fact you know from your experience that it is easy to "go with the flow". In this case, it is easy to continue to go down the track. I said (really) out loud the other day. "Neal, stop. Stop going down that track......you are going to derail. So I asked for someone to pray for me so the brakes could be put on. I had to ask God help me look over the fence of my circumstances.

In the Proverbs 23:7, "As a man thinketh, so is he."


Our Father, help this one literally change tracks of the present thinking about a most difficult situation. Aid them to land at the station of Hope.


Look Up Another Day

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