Kimberly Lynn Kinney

Kimberly Kinney

Born in City of King, California, May 1, 1982
Born in THE City of King, Heaven, May 4, 1999



Kim is still very much alive in Cayucos and King City and wherever her family may be because of the truths that our Heavenly Father has and still is etching upon our hearts. These truths will touch others and we will comfort others with the comfort our Lord has given us. We will proclaim His Sovereign love, care and faithfulness. He is the Almighty I Am and NOTHING in our lives goes unnoticed.

This trial has brought forth positive results in our lives for spiritual growth and establishing IN Christ. He is still using Kim, through us, to touch others. Thank you Jesus for your miracle working power in all our lives!!


Our granddaughter, KIM, has been a resident of Cayucos, California for 8 years.
A graduate of Cayucos Elementary School she was
finishing her junior year at Coast Union High School
where she was a member of the volleyball and softball

Kim was a very compassionate and loving young lady.
She enjoyed caring for her sisters and taking her baby sister
for a walk every evening. She like photography, surfing,
skateboarding and listening to music.

One thing that brought her a lot of pleasure was driving her
Mercedes which she bought with her own money earned
by babysitting and working at the Beach Walker Inn.

An active member of Cayucos Community Church, she
enjoyed the youth groups and certainly did let "her light shine" for Jesus.

AUDIO words from her mom as she wrote in her journal regarding that awful day

Listen to her mom's words now.

Robyn's dad delivered a sermon: IRON ENTERING THE SOUL. .which dealt with while we are in the "prison" of darkness, suffering and distress we can be met with strength. A week before the sermon he asked Robyn if she would participate in the sermon by relating how she personally found strength in distress. So Robyn writes in May, 2006 her memories of May, 1999.

Shortly after Kim's tragic death (in a one car accident in which she was a passenger), the High School sent home an article which she had recently written. Her assignment was to write about a person she looks up to. Here is what she wrote:


There are many people in my life who have made a positive influence. The one who has made the biggest influence in my life is without a doubt my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Without Him, I would be the most miserable human being alive. I owe Him my love and life and here's some reasons why.

I have known Him personally for as long as I can remember. When I was only five years old I accepted Jesus into my heart. Nobody made me do it, I did it on my own because I realized I needed Him more than anything. He certainly put the joy in my heart because of all He did for me. He came into this world to bring hope and happiness for everyone who would receive Him.

Jesus died for our sins on the cross so that we would be saved. How many people do you know who would die for you? He suffered on that cross more than anybody else ever has. Jesus Christ turns my life around. When I fall into temptation, He is there to help me through. All I need to do is pray and ask for help. If I ever stumble, He's there to pick me up. No matter what, He always forgives.

All my life I have known Jesus as my God and Provider. I was brought up in a Christian home, so I was introduced to Jesus at a very young age. My grandfather is a preacher. So whenever I had questions about Jesus all I had to do was ask him. Papa even baptized me in church after I asked him to. I wanted to know Jesus more personally.

Throughout my life I have gotten to know Jesus a lot better. He is my strength when I am weak, and my joy when I'm feelng down. Jesus is my best friend. I know that He will always be there for me no matter what.


by Kim

Do you ever have the feeling you're being watched?

That feeling you get when you've done something wrong

Is it just your imagination, or is someone really there

Watching every single minute, counting every single hair.

Do you ever think there had to be someone there

That time you felt so alone?

Someone who helped you through your problems

And led you in the right direction.

Do you ever wonder who it was that gave you life?

Someone had to create you with every little detail.

There's no way you were ever a monkey swinging from a tree

How could we ever have been anything less than what He desired?

God is the one who created you, perfect in His eyes.

The One who was always there for you.

There's one thing you should never forget

When you're feeling all alone.

He's always watching

And will always be there.



No matter where I am or where I go

It's amazing to me how much I can grow

With God at my side I am always sure

That my love for Him is strong and pure.

He's with me always every day

In every circumstance, in every way.

As I am sitting here all by myself

I realize what a gift I have, what wealth

I look up to the trees and know He made

He even cares for the animals, big and small

If He can take such care of the tiniest things

Imagine what He does for us human beings

He's my best friend, but I can know Him more

There's so much to learn, He has so much in store.

As I go through my life I know He's there

He is watching, and I know He'll always care.

+ - +

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