Words for Courageous Living

Fifteen Minutes With Jesus

Get comfortable, turn your cell or land phone off - You have an appointment with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. ~~

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Put aside the world.

Come into His Presence.

As a suggestion, lay your hand on your head and pray:

"Lord, Jesus, thank you for Your Presence. I choose to close the door to the world and let my spirit be set free to worship You. As I open the door of my heart, I lay my hand on my head to ask such a blessing.

The prayer of Pastors Neal and Nancy are that you will come Face to Face with Jesus.

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So, turn your eyes upon Jesus ~ ~ ~ in fact, that is the name of the first song you will hear ~~

Inspirational music comes with permission from

Ramona Crabtree at the keyboard and
Dixie Hackett on the organ console.

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